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The Dynamic Trader software and educational course is a unique trading software and educational package designed by Robert Miner for practical, multiple time frame price, time pattern and momentum trading strategies.

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Our multi-media educational workshops are leaders in the field of trading education and provide innovative educational opportunities.

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The DT Reports provide completely unique and practical multiple time frame analysis and trade strategies for most of the major financial, stock and Forex markets for day, swing and position traders.

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The DT Software is so unique and the DT education material so complete that you will learn logical, practical trade strategies step-by-step from entry to exit for any actively traded market and any time frame. We have continuously published practical trading reports and trading educational material since 1985.

Dynamic Traders
  • Completely unique time, price, momentum and more analysis and trading strategies

  • Multiple Time Frame trade strategies

  • Charting software designed for practical traders

  • Learn to Trade with knowledge and confidence

  • You will learn exactly how to trade from entry to exit